Using the webshop

Using the webshop

Our webshop had been developed specifically for the industry. It is designed around the needs of the florist and is simple to use.

Select Webshop



User Name (Customer Number): ________

Password: ________


Select stock to buy from

Menu Categories:


Flowers London                                Flowers Holland

Plants London                                   Plants Holland

Sundries London                              Sundries 48hrs




Click: Flowers London


Select from the drop down menu on the left hand side of the screen, the product group you would like to view e.g. Roses

Click on the rose you would like to buy and put the amount you would like in the box

For example if you require 20stems and the minimum amount you are required to buy is 20 then put 1 in the box

(Content: this is the minimum amount you are required to buy and is shown in a box at the bottom)

Click: Continue Shopping

A grey pop up box appears on the screen with the prompt:

Reserved for you 20 x Rose variety

Click: ok

You have bought this and it is now in your Shopping Cart.


If you decide that you do not want this or you would like to increase the amount

Click on: Shopping Cart (top right hand side of the screen)

Click on the product you would like to change, the amount is highlighted. Put in 0 here, or the new total amount that you require.

Click: Continue Shopping

A grey pop up box appears on the screen with the prompt:

‘Your Reservation has been cancelled’ or ‘Reserved for you …’

Click: ok


NB: Always check the shopping Cart before logging off to make sure that the correct amounts have been bought. Also double check the Total Amount on the left hand side of the Shopping Cart as this can highlight if you have over or under bought.

When you log out** of the Webshop a confirmation of your order is emailed to you. If you make any changes to an order, you will be sent an email confirmation of the whole order. This does not mean that you have ordered it twice.

** To Log out – click on Your Account at the top of the page and then click log out

If you click Done with Shopping this will keep your session logged in until it times out – which means that anyone can add to the purchases – so it is best to log out properly to keep your account secure.


Further useful information


Flowers, Plants London and Sundries London stock is accessible between 1pm and 10pm daily for collection or delivery the following morning

Holland stock is live and available up until 10:30am Monday-Friday for delivery or collection the following morning.

The stock then closes and re-opens again at 2pm (for delivery or collection one day later)

Check quantities carefully with Holland stock, as often you are required to buy a larger amount. Also, once you click to buy a product, you can’t change your mind!



Pre-ordering – For cut flowers, foliage and Imports only


Select a date from the Order Products list –This is the date that the flowers will be delivered or collected.


There is much more choice in this list of size, grade and quality. The procedure for placing an order is the same as above.


The prices published in the order lists are guide prices only and can vary according to availability, seasonality and current demands. Prices can change quickly for some products, so please bear this in mind when looking at guide prices.


Order lists are open for up to one week in advance. Whatever is ordered in this list will be bought for you so you will be required to have it. You can re-visit the list and adjust your order up until the list is closed (at 10pm the night before we buy the flowers, so approx 36hrs before you have a delivery or collect).


Imports :


The Imports list opens on Monday and closes at 12pm onTuesday.

The products ordered in this list are available the following week for Monday morning Collection/Tuesday morning delivery.


Imports include: Carnations and Spray Carnations from Colombia, South African flowers and foliage, Foliage from Sri Lanka, Orchids from Thailand, foliage, flowers and fillers from Israel and Tropicals from South America.


When you log out of the Webshop a confirmation of your order is emailed to you. Each time you adjust your order, a confirmation of the total new order is emailed to you.