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We are one of the leading Trade Only flower wholesalers within London and surrounding areas, supplying a great selection of fresh cut flowers, indoor and outdoor plants and essential florist sundries. 

We are at the forefront of the flower import industry and are equipped with excellent market knowledge and experience to make your buying experience a great one, with a team to look after you 6 days a week. We are open strictly to the Floristry/Horticultural TRADE only. There is a simple on line application form suitable to your business, however we are more than happy to assist with applications or questions over the telephone.



Flowervision customers will have access to our online Webshop. This convenient way to shop means you can buy up until 10am every day and your order is ready for collection the same day.

Our flexibility enables you to pre-order and buy from our linked stocks in Holland on the Webshop up until 10am, for collection the following morning. 

The Wholesale Cash and Carry is currently open Monday-Saturday 6am to 10am and Sunday CLOSED.


Are you a customer already?


Please visit us at the cash and carry or go to the webshop by clicking one of the different stocks with the buttons above, or use the buttons on the sidebar. 

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