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Using the New Webshop

Our new Webshop is simple to use, many of the processes are exactly the same as the old one, things just look a little different… This guide is here to walk you through the process if you’re unsure how!

The first thing we want everyone to know is that the app is no longer in use. If you want to order via a tablet or mobile device you will need to go to our website through your default web browser (Safari/Chrome etc.) and from there onto the Webshop. We advise that all customers uninstall the app if they have it.

When you enter the Website you will come to the home page, as shown below!

The page features two navigation bars, the bar at the top is for navigating the Website. It has the options: Home, About Us, Inspiration, Assortment, Support, Contact, Register and News. These are all quite self-explanatory and are not to do with the Webshop. To access the Webshop you need to use the navigation bar situated on the left side of the main Home Page. When you click on any of the icons in this bar, the bar will slide out and give you the options in the screen shot shown below.





The Home button will offer you the choice of Flowers, Sundries, Plants or Log in.

The Delivery date Button brings up a box in the middle of the page that has a Calendar with the Delivery dates you are able to select. As shown below only the 12th and 13th are available here. This is the Date you will get your delivery if you use your D Number. If you use your C Number this is the date you will collect!

The next options are Flowers, Plants and Sundries, pressing on any of these will open up the Menu’s for the separate stocks. Any ‘London’ stock selected for example ‘Flowers London’ is stock that we have in London. All other stocks are Linked and in Holland! The Flowers and Plants are all still in the same group format. E.g. Alstromeria, Amaryllis, etc.

The last option on the Menu is the Shopping cart option, this is quite self-explanatory and if pressed on will show you the items in your ‘shopping cart’.


Flowers London, Plants London and Sundries London stock is accessible between 1pm and 10pm daily for collection or delivery the following morning. Holland stock is live and available up until 10:30am Monday-Friday for delivery or collection the following morning. Please check quantities carefully with Holland stock, as often you are required to buy a larger amount. Also, once you click to buy a product, you can’t change your mind!


Below is an example of how using the Webshop works, we have taken the Calla group as an example. Let’s say you want to add 10 stems of ‘Zantedeschia Captain Cheerio’ into your shopping cart, you would click on the plus button and the minimum amount of stems you are able to buy would be added to your basket.  Here the Zantedaschia Captain Cheerio are sold in 10s.

The Plus and minus buttons are used to up or down the amount of stock you have added to your basket. The minus button will not appear until you have one of the selected product in your basket

When you have added one or more items to your order you can overview your selections by clicking on the basket on the side bar to access your ‘Shopping Cart’, below is how that screen appears from our demo log in.


The blue buttons along the top are used to control several features. The First button ‘Historie’ is used to view the products you have bought in the past. When clicked you are able to select a date and view your history up to this date. The Second button ‘Export’ is used to allow you to print your shopping cart. The third button is ‘Remark’, this allows you to leave a comment along with your purchase for the Night team (the people handling your order) to see. The last two buttons are quite self-explanatory with the first being ‘continue shopping’, this takes you back to the last active stock you were previously on. The final button is the ‘Done shopping’ button. When you click this, the message below will appear.


If you press ok, the purchase will be confirmed. If you press cancel you have the option to continue shopping.








Pre-ordering – Pre-ordering is relevant for cut flowers, foliage. Select a date from the Order Products list –This is the date that the flowers will be delivered or collected. There is a much larger selection of products in this list with a complete range of sizes, grades and quality. The procedure for placing an order is the same as above. The prices published in the order lists are guide prices only and can vary according to availability, seasonality and current demands. Prices can change quickly for some products, so please bear this in mind when looking at guide prices. The Order list is open up to one week in advance. Any products placed on pre-order via this list will be bought specifically for you and as such you will be required to have them, please check order confirmations carefully after placing your order. You can re-visit the list and adjust your order up until the list is closed (at 10pm the night before we buy the flowers, so approximately 36hrs before you have a delivery or collection). To Access the order list, click the Cardboard box button above the Shopping Cart within the left navigation bar.


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