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Cash and Carry Opening Times and Delivery service

As usual we will do our best to provide as full a service as possible! 

We will be open on Friday the 27th of December, however there will be a limited availability as the auction is closed on Thursday the 26th December. 

Please note: Any orders required between Christmas and New Year must be put in the Order list on the Webshop or emailed to before Sunday 22nd of December, as there will be limited access to this inbox. There will be an Orderlist open for Friday the 27th and Saturday 28th, however these orders will need to be in the Orderlist before the 22nd as well.

There will also be an Orderlist open for Thursday 2nd January for Collections only, orders for this day will need to be in by Sunday 29th of December. Normal deliveries will recommence on Friday the 3rd January. 

The Pre-order lists will be open as normal for Saturday 28th December & opening times are listed below:

Cash & Carry Opening Times:

Date Cash & Carry Auction
Monday 16th December 4am-10am Open
Tuesday 17th December 4am-12pm Open
Wednesday 18th December 4am-12pm Open
Thursday 19th December 4am-12pm Open
Friday 20th December 4am-12pm Open
Saturday 21st December 4am-10am CLOSED
Sunday 22nd December 4am-10am CLOSED
Monday 23rd December 4am-10am Open
Tuesday 24th December 4am-10am Open
Wednesday 25th December CLOSED NO AUCTION
Thursday 26th December CLOSED NO AUCTION
Friday 27th December (limited) 6am-10am Open
Saturday 28th December 4am-10am CLOSED
Sunday 29th December CLOSED CLOSED
Monday 30th December (limited) 6am-10am Open
Tuesday 31st December 6am-10am NO AUCTION
Wednesday 1st January CLOSED NO AUCTION
Thursday 2nd January (limited) 6am-10am Open
Friday 3rd January 4am-12pm Open

Delivery Service: The date shown is when the delivery will arrive with you. 

Saturday 21st December Yes
Sunday 22nd December Yes
Monday 23rd December Yes
Tuesday 24th December Yes
Wednesday 25th December No
Thursday 26th December No
Friday 27th December No
Saturday 28th December Yes
Sunday 29th December No
Monday 30th December Yes 
Tuesday 31st December Yes
Wednesday 1st January No
Thursday 2nd January No
Friday 3rd January Yes
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