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Paying Online

We have added new functionality to the web shop to enable clients to pay existing unpaid invoices online (not to pay as you are buying). To start the online payment process, you need to Login and the press the yellow person icon in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring out a menu with the option ‘Pending Payments’. Once you press on this, you will see the screen as shown below with all the invoices you have left to pay. This can be used to re-open your account if you have overdue invoices and your account is on stop.

To pay the pending invoices, you will need to tick the box at the end of the line. This will select the invoices that you are paying at this time.  You will be able to click on the invoice number in future to check the invoices as you are paying them. (This function is currently not working and you can check invoices in the invoices section of the web shop).


After you have chosen the payment method, you will need to enter your card details.



Once you have entered your card details you will then have to click the yellow ‘Confirm card details’ button.

You will then be presented with a window to confirm the transaction details and your payment/billing address details. The billing address details need to match the same address your card is registered to. If these do not match the transaction is unlikely to be accepted.

After you have pressed the yellow pay button shown above you will be asked to authenticate your card details if you have signed up to this with your bank.

Following this the transaction should complete and you will be returned to the payments pending window. You will receive an email following your payment to confirm the details of the transaction.

If you have any problems with using this new functionality then please contact us so we can check the details on your account.

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